Hey guys if you want to join us on a private Minecraft server here is how to do it.

Game is currently in Survival mode on Hard difficulty.

**Update 3/20/18 – New WORLD!**

We updated to the latest version of Minecraft and Forge recently so make sure your on 1.12.2.

The server is now running Minecraft Forge please install it.

You will also need to install the mods in order for everything to work right.  Please follow this guide on how to install forge on your client.  Below is the list of currently installed and running mods.  If you have a mod that you would like to add please let me know in the comments.  There are some great listing sites out there but https://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods is my personal favorite.

NOTE: Some mods are not compatible with others.  After I install it I try running a single payer game locally if it crashes I won’t install it on the server.  I’m open to prioritizing the mod list eventually so we can decide which ones we want more as a group.

Getting started


  1. Download (Buy) Minecraft & Install it
  2. Install Forge
  3. Launch & Play (use forge version)
  4. Multiplayer > Add a Server
  5. Server Name: Moto & Kolo
    Server Address:
    (NOTE: I don’t have a Static IP so this may need to be updated in the future…)
    (I’ll set up a DNS entry sometime in the future and update this post)
  6. Click Play button on the server… and you’ll be blocked.
  7. Text me and let me know you just tried to connect and tell me your user name and I’ll add you to the white-list.
    (ALTERNATIVE: Post your username and UUID in the comments below and I’ll add you ASAP, if I know you that is 😉 )

Mumble (VoIP)

  1. Download & Install Mumble Client
  2. Go through the Configuration Tutorial (Take your time on this, if you sound like shit I’ll boot ya!)
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Address:
    Port: 64739 (Default)
    Username: (So I know who you are, preferably your Minecraft username…)
    Label: Moto Mumble (or whatever you want 😉 )
  5. Accept the certificate
  6. When you see the “Wrong server password…” don’t worry just send me a text and I’ll send you the password
    (Just put this in to prevent unknown people from accessing)

That’s it.  Feel free to post things you want to try and if the server gives you any issues!

7 thoughts on “Private Minecraft Server & VoIP

  1. Austin says:

    aka : Austin

    1. Joe says:

      You are good to go!

  2. Austin says:

    Nice site bud !

    1. Joe says:

      If we can find this in a working version for 1.11.2 then I say we give it a whirl… this one is pretty old though and only supports 1.7.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Great site!
    I stumbled upon this because of your Hyperledger Fabric pi tutorials…I’m a recent blockchain engineer and also I’ about to give it Pi a fabric go for a grad project… is your Minecraft server still up? My 7.5 years old son loves Minecraft and I’m on the lookout for a server for him to try from a responsible source…our login names are nethatix, blewater

    1. Joe says:

      No the server is down now, we stopped play a few years ago :'(

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