motoChecker v3

Well, v3 is done and tested added support for stored validations.

This version has more Dewbacks so you know it’s better!

Git Hub repo is the same as before

Matt suggested I change the name to motoChecker. Since my last name is Motacek. I like it. DONE!

I’ve spent all day on documentation for it and I’m bored with writing now. I’ve learned a few things, though…

Content revised… my hate for SharePoint faded after I asked someone smarter than me to teach me how to use the damn thing.

It’s ok now.

ISIS Suburban Mall Stores

Thank you internet for making me smile.  Recently trending on twitter is the hashtag #ISISSuburbanMallStores I’ve saved some of my favorites for later giggles:

  • The GoatCheesecake Factory
  • Behead, Baath, and Beyond
  • Death to America Eagle Outfitters
  • Bombs and Noble
  • Cold Stoning
  • Things Dismembered
  • Die Yankee Candle
  • Aunt Annie’s Burkha-Covered Pretzels
  • IED Crafters
  • Jihad Juice
  • Turban Outfitters
  • The Hamas Depot
  • The Sharper Papyrus Drawing
  • Men-Only Warehouse
  • F.Y.E. (For Your Execution)
  • Behead a Bear Workshop

My contribution…

Victoria’s Veils