ISIS Suburban Mall Stores

Thank you internet for making me smile.  Recently trending on twitter is the hashtag #ISISSuburbanMallStores I’ve saved some of my favorites for later giggles:

  • The GoatCheesecake Factory
  • Behead, Baath, and Beyond
  • Death to America Eagle Outfitters
  • Bombs and Noble
  • Cold Stoning
  • Things Dismembered
  • Die Yankee Candle
  • Aunt Annie’s Burkha-Covered Pretzels
  • IED Crafters
  • Jihad Juice
  • Turban Outfitters
  • The Hamas Depot
  • The Sharper Papyrus Drawing
  • Men-Only Warehouse
  • F.Y.E. (For Your Execution)
  • Behead a Bear Workshop

My contribution…

Victoria’s Veils

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