WordPress Multisite Admin Reports

I wrote this plugin while working at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay to help with the management of their Multi-site Installation.  Fun project and I plan to keep it up to date and adding new features as I get requests and suggestions.

Download the latest version here

Key Features

  • Multisite heath metrics
  • Email all site admins from single button click
  • Site status checker
  • User IP and last login tracking
  • User disable (prevent login and hide from site managers)
  • Plugin health check

WPMS Admin Reports is a reporting tool for WordPress Multisite administrators. It provides three reports and a dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot view of the health of your WordPress Multisite installation. All of the tables are client-side sortable using jQuery and tablesorter. It includes graphical indicators (smiley faces) to help easily identify problem sites, users and plugins.

Dashboard – provides charts that display multiple factors from the other three reports in a graphical way by using radar and pie charts.

Site Report – gives you detailed information about each site in your installation. It can automatically check all of your sites to see if they are displaying errors or functioning correctly. The table contains the following information; ID, Status (Up/Down), Last Post, Last Update, When Created, Current Template, Number of Users and lists the Primary Administrator.

User Report – provides detailed information about each user in your installation. This plugin also captures when your users login. The table contains the following information; ID, Username, Name, Email, Last Login, Last IP Address, when Registered, number of Sites and a list of each site as well as the users roll on that corresponding site. The report is especially handy if you need to audit your users. This plugin also alows you to disable and enable users. If disabled users will not be allowed to login to any site and site admins will no longer be able to see them on their user management screen.

Plugin Report – lists all installed plugins and provides information about each one. This plugin will check multiple sources to indicate how trust worthy a plugin is. The table contains the following information; Name, Upgradeability, Status, Activation Site-wide, Total Number of Blogs that use it and a list of those blogs.

The plugin has detailed help tabs that throughly explain the details of each report.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Multisite Admin Reports

  1. Carlos says:

    On paper, the plugin sounds great .. but it is broken. Are you aware that this is broken? (I saw a guy comment on it in the wordpress plugins site)

    I’m not a wordpress or PHP developer (more python/ruby), but I can have a go at trying to fix this if you can put the code in github .. In general, it makes sense to put out the code in github .. So others can take a look .. even if not me.

    Thanks in advance for responding

    1. Joe says:

      A valid point to be honest I haven’t used it for over a year now. I don’t get to do a lot of WP development anymore but if you want to take a look at the code and try to fix it’s fine with me. I’ll see if I can make some time soon to put the code out there.

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