Git on Windows

For those of you still plowing through Module 2 of Web Application Architectures in the last bit he’ll show you have to setup a git repo for your project.  However if you’re using Vagrant and you files sync like mine you don’t need to do all of that typing in the terminal of your VM (unless you really want to).

If you don’t have it installed already install Git for Windows. Once installed you can now do you git stuff straight from the Window GUI.

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Vagrant SSH not working on Windows

Are you getting an error along the lines of:

‘ssh’ executable not found in and directories in the %PATH% variable.  Is an SSH client installed?  Try installing Cygwin, MinGW, or Git, all of which contain an SSH client.  Or use your favorite SSH client with the following authentication information shown below:

By default Windows doesn’t have a shell for SSH so you’ll need to install one if you haven’t already.  If you’re not using version control yet and don’t have a shell you can kill two birds with one stone by installing Git.

If you already have Git installed and are still getting the message.  It because by default Git doesn’t put itself in your %PATH% however that’s easy enough to fix within your CMD session.  Simply type:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin

in your CMD prompt and your good to go. Now when you type vagrant ssh it will find the git-bash shell and put you right into your virtual machine.

My First Rails Dev Evironment with Vagrant and Puppet

For those of you doing Web Application Architectures by Greg Heileman out of Coursera this will get you up to the end of Module 2 Lecture 2.

Let me start by saying this.. sometimes I’m lazy.  So when I see a new way to spin up a development environment that will literally do EVERYTHING FOR ME I jump at the opportunity.  I’m no master with vagrant (started using it yesterday) or puppet (started using it this morning) but they are not hard to figure out.

I primarily use Windows which means that most of the scripts and plugins that you see out on the web for Vagrant will not work, especially the ones using Chef for some reason.

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