Simulate Clicker (Cookie Clicker Project)

After finishing IIPP over at Coursera I was excited to start POC.  I found most of the stuff in IIPP fairly easy but I was shocked at how difficult the first project “Cookie Clicker” was.  For those of you thinking that this one is too difficult don’t worry the projects get easier as you progress.  This is a very difficult first project but it’ll get you going in the right direction for the others.

I’m going to go over what I thought was the most difficult part of this project with out completely giving it away.  Phase one is pretty basic stuff.  The really difficult one for me was phase two.  The difficult part about this one is deciphering what you need to do from the instructions provided.  Honestly the forums are nice but some times you have to read way to many useless comments to find something helpful, people trying to be cryptic to follow the honor code.

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